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This song is by No Redeeming Social Value and appears on the album Rocks the Party (1996).

LEAVE the ignorant and closed-mindedness behind
THINK don't spend your life wasting time
GET UP and stand on your own two feet
STOP depending on the words people speak
Fooling yourself as you have all along
Running in circles your whole life long
Waiting for people to help you out
Don't you think it's time to break out
OUT OF the shell you've closed your-self within
LIFE's too short, it's time to begin
HELP won't always be coming your way
TAKE LIFE as it is from day to day
Life long dependency will stab you in the back
You need to think for your-self, that's a sure fact
When you need someone see who helps
Stop, take a look around, and FIND YOURSELF

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