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This song is by No Redeeming Social Value and appears on the album Rocks the Party (1996).

Stumble in the middle of the night
Looking for a late night bite
Slam the door, open the 'fridge
All you see is stale bread
Wait a second there's something in foil
I hope to god it isn't spoiled
Half way there I know what it is
It's the chicken I ate with Johnny Stiff
I love chicken
I like it too
We eat more chicken
Than your whole damn crew
We eat much chicken
Just ask these musicians
Eating chicken es Redeeming religion
A leg, a wing, a breast, a thigh, a back
We love chicken - that's a fact
Suck the meat right off the fucking bone
It's fun to eat with friends or dine alone
Throw it on the 'que and burn it u
Crispy on the outside then it's donde
A plate of wings and a bucket of hot sauce too
And to wash it down and stinky brew will do

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