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Watching Planes

This song is by No Preservatives.

Watching planes pass by, with my bestfriend by my side.
Another stage in our lives, we've put an end to and it dies.
To choose between two friends
Is never easy in the end,
But it's a choice you have to make,
Be sure to ditch the friend that's fake.

Fuck drugs. fuck dope. fuck the cigarettes we smoke.
This is, my stand, and I won't play into your plan.

Trying to get laid, it seems like just a game,
Where everyone gets hurt, we all act so inert.
Watching planes pass by Sweden scores #5, and I feel so alive,
Cause maybe its time for another try.

I've heard so many lies, so many songs I dispise.
So many stupid trends, and way too many drugged up friends.
So what am I trying to say? what's this song about anyway?
Well maybe you'll know one day, until then I guess just wait.

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