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I'm So Sorry

This song is by No Preservatives.

Maybe I was wrong, maybe we weren't rite, and maybe all along, we were losing site.
I handed you my heart, and gave you all my love, were we finished from the start, or did I not give enough?
So now I stand alone, yer always on my mind, sitting here at home, wishing you were mine.
I'm sorry by the way, for all the things I've done, and I hope that one day, I'll learn not to run.

I'm so sorry, that I'm not the one, that you need. I'm so sorry, hope we had fun, cause now I see.

Listen to me please, please just hear me out, I need for you to see, to clarify my doubt.
I'm broken once again, but I'll be okay, I'll stand up for my friends, forever and a day.
Sometimes all it takes, is a moment then you win, and all of yer mistakes, erased along with sins.
A moment to regret, a moment to do wrong, a moment to forget, forever to move on.

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