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Fly By Summer

This song is by No Preservatives.

Lying here not blinking never really thinking what the summer has in store,
Shooting stars pass by into the blackened sky kind of like the night before.
We know it gonna end but we can still pretend that it'll last forever, but in a
Little while you'll tell me off and smile forgetting our times together.

Fly by summer coming to an end,
We watch the sunset over the horizon.
Fun in the sun coming to a close,
It almost over and we hate to see it go.

Toss a penny down the well who can really tell if it makes a difference,
We've been down this path and everyone just laughs masking their resistance.
Somethings gotta give then maybe we can live happily ever after,
But no one wants to go and like the breeze that blows the summer flies by faster.

One last thing to say one more prayer to pray before the moment gone,
As the summer flies we tell ourselves goodbye and so long.
Will we still be friends or did we just pretend moving on and on,
But as the fire dies the sun begins to rise bringing with it dawn.

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