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The Toast

This song is by No Justice.

Haven't I seen you here before, maybe you look like someone else. Your silhouette is like the
Devil, but your eyes are to blue for me to care. I wonder if you noticed my face, are you still
Staring at that band. My emotions running wild, like a freight train bound for no where. I'd buy
You a drink but I don't know your brand
So here's to you, and here's to me. Best of friends that we'll always be
And if perhaps we tend to disagree, here's to me
Mr. Bartender pour me a shot once more, to drive my cares and fears away. Well I'm down to my
Last cigarette and it's broken. Oh well guess I didn't need the damn thing anyway. She just
Walked by my table and she gave me a second glance. My eyes followed her to the backroom door
Now she's talking to another man, I guess I just lost my chance. Hey bartender I'll have two more

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