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We Rock Like So

This song is by No I.D. and appears on the album Accept Your Own & Be Yourself (The Black Album) (1997).

(Feat. Dug Infinite)

You ready... hah... (that's right)
Yo, yo, yo, yo it's a world premier
(That's right) No I.D., Dug Infinite
For the U.S. nation (uh, uh) whole population
(That's right)

When No I.D. say ah (ah) now what you wanna know?
I wanna know if you can rock the mic like so
When Dug Inf say ah (ah) what you wanna do?
Yo I should rock this mic on the count of two
I said one (one) one (that's right)
Yeah one, one, one-two - check it out

(Dug Infinite)
I be that head honcho, nigga I will stomp yo'
Com-po-tition on out, pronto
Who's that, new cat, that be swingin' like a new jack?
I'm Dug Infinite, No I.D.'s got my back
I attack, intelligently, I hunt you in a pack
If you wack, evidently, dope skills you lack
See three-hundred sixty-five days of hard trainin
Give me seven-hundred twenty mo' ways to start aimin
Some dope shit, Source quote shit, underground hits
How many rhymes before I mastered this?
Take this tip, see I don't stop fo' sho' baby
I'm keepin' shit hot for yo' man or lady
Run out get that CD tape so you can play me
But always keep yo' eye on that nigga lookin' shady
Shady, shady, shady, shady
Shady, shady, sh-sh, sh-sh...

So Dug Inf say ah (ah) what you wanna know?
I wanna know if you can rock the mic then flow
Yo No I.D. say ah (ah) what you wanna do?
Yo watch me rock this mic on the count of two
It go one... wa-one
One, one, one-two - check it yo

(No I.D.)
I'm the style begetter (yo) without a predecessor
Keep takin' the pressure when you push me to the limit
I stay in position bust through, any restriction
And keep winnin' the war regardless of the predicition
I've never been timid - I'm mathematic to the digit
That's why I keep it cold frozen, plus frigid
Now it's customary I bust a very ill flow
Destination real dough, keepin' my skills so very
Prominent - never recessive I stay dominant
Put me on the wax, watch me, yo, I'm bombin out
Drama to the fifth power, hour to hour
Day to day, week to week, the meek will freak
The technique, let the vet speak his piece
I put this hostile opposition to cease
Cease, cease, cease, cease, cease

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