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The Jupiter Effect

This song is by No Hollywood Ending and appears on the album It's All A Nightmare (2003).

The tragic flaw of this separation is that you look more beautiful with a broken heart.

You spawn wings that fan regret into my lungs.
As you sore into the sky of my eyes
My body becomes poisoned with desire and I forget of the angel that has stolen my heart from you.

Your seducing air inflates my lungs but it can not fill me with the love I lost for you.

I exhale a toxic breath full of every confused notion I had deep inside. a tornado of releif stirs within my chest and I realize that beauty adds no substance to emptiness.
With this I moved on and left us as a memory but now my veins are running dry without my heart.
The angel I fell for flys further away with it and moves with constant increases of distance.

I remain alone but in love and only continue to function because I hold tightly onto the hope that she will fall from the heavnes and join me.

Words by frank osler music by clc

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