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Once Loved Portrait

This song is by No Hollywood Ending and appears on the album It's All A Nightmare (2003).

You greet me with your back turned.
Conversations with unparted lips.
Fight so hard to avoid eye contact.

This night of, this night of silence is stalked by a raven, it keeps a close eye as time drags these feelings out.

Miles don't seem to be the only thing that parts us it is trying to remember the love that we lost.

Everything about you is now normal to me and no longer fuels my heart.

The once loved portrait of you kills my sleep and as I gaze upon the once loved smile.
Everything about you is now normal to me.
My pillow cases here my confessions they bring guilt to my conscious when your head lies upon them.
I plead with ceilings for all the answers tell me, am I alone with these thoughts?

Words by frank osler music by clc

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