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This Happend To You

This song is by No Excuses.

Everyone's waiting for a sign
To lift up their window and realize
Life's an unfinished road
And I'm not taking it

Everyone's hoping to find bliss
But it won't ever happen to you miss
Your time's folded up and gone
You're a sold out one

Everyone's relying on you
To make the right choices
To be a star born new
This happened to you

So give it up
Let it go
Pretend you're someone else's show
Tan in the rain
Bathe in the sun
Pretend you're not the only one
So give me a sign
Sing me a story
Sing a goodbye
'Cause it's all gone
You've chewed up your life
Story to tell

And how can you say that you're not someone else?
When you look in the mirror and see someone else
And how can you be someone you can't see?
When you look in the mirror and realize that person is

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