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The Air You Breathe

This song is by No Excuses.

I live the air you breathe
Without you I can't see
A step ahead my life becomes an impossibility

I put my trust in you
My heart is in your hand
I want to be around you
And never walk away again

Remember the times we shared
Our darkest memories?
You know me better than anyone
You're my eyes so I can see

You symbolize everything I want
Everything I need
I rely on you as my way from harm
You're my girl and will always be

So how can I stand here alone
When with you I have learned
I have grown
I can always call you my own

Do you even realize how much I love you?
It's hard to say I don't
When we spend every day

So here's the song for you
The song I had to write
To prove you to that I love you
Everything will be alright

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