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Southern Playalistic Cadillac Muzik

This song is by No Deficiency.

Southern Playalistic Cadillac Muzik!

How can you love your neighbor if you don't even know him

How can you hate him

My mind keeps growing strong

I joined a party and now I fucking hate you

But then I realized my mentality was wrong

Clean this fucking place up

Last time that I checked

We were all humans

None of us were blessed

Look behind the curtains

And tell me what you see

And what we should be

Why are we so blind

Nothing is ever true

Quit wasting my time and change your fucking shoes

The flag you see

The book you read

The things you hear and believe

I won't let that shit fall on top of me


Hey, hey, hey! (2x)

Go ahead (3x)

Just kill us all

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