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This song is by No Comply.

I don't know how
How to start it now
It's coming like pow
Bringing me down and around
No sound is coming out of my lips
I don't want to talk to you like this
But if I have to I won't resist

I don't want to let you go away
I don't want to leave it for today
You're a good friend to me
But I won't be hesitant to say

CHORUS: Fuck you
Don't tell me how I feel
I need to know if this is real
I'm not afraid to lose what we had
Manipulations gone too far
My attitude toward you is torn
I won't be afraid to lose in the end
In the end

It's all right what you say
I'll understand
Just bring it off my chest
I don't want to feel like
My mind is messed and stressed
With the rest of what's left of this
Best friendship till the end

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