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Lets Get Away

This song is by No Comply.

Let's get away
Leave it all runaway
Reaching to be free
We'll look back and say
We don't care anyway
It's my chance to be
(The boy that's inside of me)

We won't be like you
Who the hell wanted to
We're only ourselves
So let's get on the road
Leavin' home, leavin' what we know
It's time for us to go

CHORUS: Let's get away
And do what we wanna do
Let's get on with our lives
Let's get away
Do something new
Right now the world is mine
(I'm not wasting my time)

Lets go someplace new
Where no one
Where no on can tell us our truth
Then we'll runaway
And we'll seize the day
We'll tell everyone that we're here to stay
And we'll tell them they're all wrong

Always be yourself
Don't be someone else
It's more than just learning to fly
When you spread your wings
Feel everything
You have to let yourself shine

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