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If Logic's First (We're Coming Second)

This song is by No Choice.

Is no one watching? Is no one listening?
What does it take to stimulate us?
Visionless lines that dictate where boundaries lie,
We shadow fools without observing.
We trudge beleaguered en masse
And with each head bowed.

If logic's first - we're coming second.
Show me stills, show me files
And give me signs it's peace you're yearning.
I'll show you fear, resentment and pride.

And this your cause of which you speak
In pious tongue has one conclusion.
You call it just - I call it control.
Some games hold fortune.
Some claim illusion as an art.
This game you play - controls our senses.
And as with progress
- We find more snakes than ladders.
The board room rules revised to suit your purpose.
Try and you might.
Don't and you most certainly won't.
Question rules and their conclusions.

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