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Let's Pretend

This song is by No Ca$h Value.

If life has a purpose could you please tell me?
I was just wondering what it could be
No one seems to know, everyone's lost
How many more lives is it gonna cost?

Why, oh why do we feel this way?
Always turning to drugs to make it seem ok
That's not the way to spend your day
When the shit hits the fan you'll get blown away

So let's stop and pretend that it's ok
It won't stop until we face our problems today
But who cares? Cause it'll soon be over anyway

Everybody has to talk trash to make them feel right
That's the thing to do cause it makes you seem bright
Don't you worry, I'm not being sarcastic
No, seriously, that is fantastic

Why don't we all take a trip to the funny farm
Or maybe down to the bar to get ourselves shmarmed
Our world's about to end
(Our world's about to end)

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