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This song is by No Alternative.

They always told me good things would come my way, but hard work and perseverance take their toll. And it might be those things that make me who I am today, but I'm 20 years in and I don't feel that old. I guess it all comes down to who you are and how you think. In the game of life who's to say who's right? They always said tomorrow's just a day away, but when I think about it, that's too long to wait, I'm just waiting for tonight.

Meet at my place and we'll all get in your car, roll out to the field party and stare up at the stars. We'll blast the stereo and have a couple drinks. Sometimes I wish every night could be just like this. My parents told me time and time again. Try your best to always to what's right. Today I paid my dues and earned my self respect. The day is almost through but not quite, I'm just waiting for tonight.

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