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Second And Main

This song is by No Alternative.

Same old town and I guess that I'm just tired of kickin around. What are keys good for when there's nowhere left to go? Suburbia on Friday night: same burned out kids, same burned out city lights. So light another cigarette and forget about the past.

Second and main: there's nowhere left to go and nothing left to do but complain.
Second and main: the times may change but people stay the same.
Second and main: remember your past cause the futures on it's way.
Second and main: the places may change but people stay the same.

The city weeps as sirens echo through the lonely streets. A blue-gray sky fades away as the night comes falling in. It seems the night is growing old: the hard concrete, the unrelenting cold. I think it's time to call it a day and start it all again the next.

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