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No Regrets

This song is by No Alternative.

Sometimes I lie awake at night and it makes me wonder why I did the things I did and why I tried the things I tried. But I always seem to tell myself I'm ok as of yet 'cause I live the way I want to and it leaves me no regrets.

Why does my life seem so plain? And why's it seem I do the same thing every single day? Consequences never fade, just memories of time gone by and the mistakes that you've made.

Well time goes by and life goes on as memories fade away. Old friends just get older as you waste away the days. And I don't remember what it was that helped me figure out that my life is mine alone and that myself I shouldn't doubt.

Well now it seems I've lost control and I don't know what to do. My conscience is all turned around and I can't tell lies from truth. I don't know what I hear or see, don't understand what I believe and I don't know where my future's goin' now.

Why does my life seem so plain? You can change the destination but the trip still stays the same. Consequences never fade, and the funny thing I realized is the past can never change

No regrets.

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