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Home Alone Again

This song is by No Alternative.

Earlier I talked to you. You said give me a call. I cancelled plans so you and me could go out and have a ball. So later that night I call you up, to find out you're not there, and I sit home alone again. Sometimes it's just not fair.

So when are all my problems gonna end? I'm thinkin' you're my enemy, I thought you were my friend. And now I don't know what to think. The words you say don't mean a thing, and now I'm sitting home alone again.

You're out havin' lots of fun, I'm alone at home. Sitting around wastin time staring at the phone. I wish that I was there with you, or wish that you were here. Your actions I will not forget, memories will adhere.

Maybe this will all workout better in the end. And maybe you'll go out with me and ditch your other friends. Or maybe you're out feelin' great, with me left to commiserate and tomorrow I'll be home alone again.

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