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An Angel's Name

This song is by Nitocris and appears on the album Nitocris (2000).

As she dusted the dust, from the book she discovered
She thought of the heart, that was stone was her lover
And never a thought did cross her mind
Of what he actually left behind

News on the radio
So full of lies
My secrets are now on file

Angel, Angel, Angel, Angel

He folds me in his wings of love
And kisses me on the brow
He tells me "everything will be just fine"
"Just think of me" he says "when you're feeling down"
The angel's watching over you
And I know that you're never gonna change your mind
And I wonder if you'll come round tonight

Narrow minded
You only see what's in their eyes
So blinded, by what you think you might find

Angel, Angel

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