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This song is by Nirvana 2002 and appears on the Demo Disembodied Spirits (1990).

The seal has been broken the last door is shut
Whirling in the slumbering depths
A pale gleaming
The last lantern in the darkness to come
Rising from the veils of slumber
To reap the dark souls and bring blessing to some

I fall to my knees
The holy chapel is ablaze
We cry out in bitterness as we watch the fall of the human race
Behold the living
Call forth the dead
Images have taken form inside your swollen head
I laugh at your cries
All that was lost now will be found
The cattle has been branded
As holy lambs for slaughter you lie bound

Galactic eyes see beyond
Gazing at the stars that ancient Gods lit
All is nothing and nothing is all
Now sleep you will eternally
Into veils of dark you fall...

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