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Do Re Mi

This song is by Nirvana and appears on the Compilation box set With the Lights Out (2004).

If I may
And if I might
Lie me down
And if I say
What it's like
I might be

If I may
What is right
Some make time
To see me bleed

Those years in his bonet
A phrase from his pocket
And chains of a knowing
Life long dream
Do re mi

If I may
And if I might
Wake me up
And see me

And if I do
And if I lie
Find me out
At sea

And if I may
Cold as ice
I might have to
See me

The rays in his socket
A phrase from this moment
The chase on his socket I will need

Do re mi

Wish me good
Wish made light
Find me out
At sea

He's under a wave
Just be quiet
Follow pain
And grieving

Yell 'oh well'
And if I sigh
Seek me out

If I may
If I might
Golden gun
To bleed

And praise in his pocket
Rays from his women
Chains from his knowing
Life long dream

Do re mi

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