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Scar Salvation

This song is by Ninnuam and appears on the album Process of Life Separation (2004).

Only to be left alone
I crawl back into my own world
Behind the gates of misery
I shall find my happiness

The wicked I am, the shadow I am
Salvation I seek for all to come
The sorrow I feel, The colour I am
In scars salvation shall be found

Dreaming of a death so violent
See my life passed before my eyes
First class ticket to resurrection
Prepared to meet the other life

Violence is my only friend
My saving grace when love is lost
Alone I crawl in front of the masses

In silence I shed my tears
I choose path of sacrifice
In silence I shed my tears
A truth that told me nothing but lies

This is the way that I called life
I am not your Jesus Christ

Here I am, all alone
My burning mind has gone insane
Don't need a cause for all my rage
Just despise the nature of the human race

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