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Optional Existence

This song is by Ninnuam and appears on the album Process of Life Separation (2004).

Realize my eternal wishes
All my hope is vanished and gone
Memories are clouded by sorrows
As I count the marks that stains my skin
End is near as I making my way
All my nightmares are fading away

Farewell to a world so hollow
By wounds I welcome your star shine

Swallow - I am dying
Despise my life - Soon I will fly
Shallow - I am ready
Reclaim my life

Here I am - I am drowning
By my Flesh I will feed my dream
Here I am - I am bleeding
Waste of blood will set me free

Embrace my end with open arms I am giving in

Never been so far away from your world
Never been so close to my dream of life

Slicing my veins wide open
Releasing all Life I am open
Soon to face my selected path
Create a world for my arrival
Shades of grey that is all I which for
Dying with a smile so longing

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