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This song is by Ninnuam and appears on the album Process of Life Separation (2004).

Godhead, Superior, Deicide, Predator

With greed I'm pushing the sweetest
Of death through my channels of life
No regrets, no return
I will make my body so golden
Fill me up with aggression and hate
To become man's sickest creation
Obey my thirst, circle my veins
Join my journey to Nederland

I am king of all my senses
Jesus dies, chaos rise
I am God and this is my anthem

I have the power to shape
The end of your life so worthless
Control, judging
My ecstasy makes you to the puppet
Pleading I'm giving a last breath as your final gift
Creator, Cut-throat
Crown your superior predator

Born to rule your world
Things will change and you will follow
I am the

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