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Freedom Fighter

This song is by Nina Hagen and appears on the album BeeHappy (1996).

I've been around for a long long time
I even went to India for a while
I found my master and he found me
I avoided the disaster yes now I'm free
(Chorus) 'Cause freedom is the essence of humanity, we are all born here to be free
Everybody has got eyes to see
True freedom is our destiny
Hey, when I signed my newest deal and the boss invited me for a free meal
I told him Hey my music will change the planet
And if he gives me freedom, I'll sell more than Janet
Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom...
Now, to give you true satisfaction
I'll help you out with my best connection
All you gotta do is ask me for the right direction
'Cause the world will only change if we all take action
Have to top the top of the charts
My life is my mine, we ain't no flop
I do the punk and I do the pop
I do the hip, yes and I do the hop
(Repeat chorus to fade)

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