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A Fool Like Me

This song is by Nils Lofgren and appears on the album Nils (1979).

To a fool like me, anything looks good
To a fool like me, everyone cares
To a fool like me, all people are equal
To a fool like me

For a fool like you, I become helpless
I have no grace, I act ashamed
For a fool like you, I shave in the mornin'
For a fool like you
Fools like me love fools like you

And in life there is no doubt
That a fool can't live without
Another fool to help him act more foolish

A fool like me, if he is hungry
Eats whatever is about
And if what he ate should turn out poison
A fool like me, a fool like me falls in love with a fool like you
Fool like me, fool like me


Written by:

Nils Lofgren; Lou A. Reed

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