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Zero Probability

This song is by Nihil Obstat and appears on the album Inherited Primitive Behaviors (2004).

A step needed to be taken [x2]
In order to operate the engine of natural selection
Matters of choose or be chosen [x2]
Issues of survival at play
Asure inheritance by transmiting genetical code
From generation to generation
I foresee our demise
I foresee us choosing ourselves
Eliminating ourselves
All of us vanished
It seems a game of the last one standing
The so called dominant species
Is starting to mutate
Unconciebable alterations never expected
Not since we claimed to be perfect
Hostile landscape
I foresee no future
I foresee no one
I can't see our own
No chance to see a new day
Weaker day by day
Dying since our birth

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