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This song is by Nihil Obstat and appears on the album Inherited Primitive Behaviors (2004).

He has wandered through centuries
Pursuing his inquisitor
Blindfolded with his anger
Blindfolded without dying
His death has now started
Suffocated by the bandages
Tearing the skin
Cutting to the bones
Poisoning his acts with his own blood
Lacerated - tortured - mummified
Mummified - mummified
Finally and under unmerciful tortures
The body has died
But not the soul
Mummified by the envy to possess the wisdom of the ancient ones... only their truth
Lacerated - tortured - mummified
Mummified - mummified
The hunt begins
Unleash the terror
He smells the stink of betrayal
The betrayal strengthens his anger
A trial initiates
Lacerated - tortured - mummified
Mummified [x4]
He found the guilty and the vengeance arise
This macabre dance is melting his mind
Chewing the flesh
Spitting bitter bile
Taking it's breath until the end of ends
Only red he will see
His brains will explode
Eclipsing his life
Paralyzed without conscience
Drinking the blood squashing his eyes
Final sentence dictated
Devoured pitilessly

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