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K.F.F. (Kung Fu Fighting) 2000

This song is by Nigo.

(Feat. GZA, Prodigal Sunn)

(Hook: GZA)
Don't trust a stranger, my weapons'll bang ya
Don't trust a stranger, my weapons'll bang ya
Don't trust a stranger, my weapons'll bang ya

Yeah, anotha Wu Banga, strangler
Y'all better watch for these swords as they swing
'Cause you know we ain't playing, son
Worldwide, Japan, check it out...
(Imitating the beat)

Attack the track like a suicidal bomber
Lyrical assault from experienced rhymer
Niggas sleep, end up dead in a recliner
Witness forget, enforce the Alzheimer
Flying kicks and numbchuck sticks
I speak a verse and break bricks
I throw the first blow
Reach out, steal ya heart on the low
Infectious beats laid down by Nigo
Seven GrandMasters had 5 Deadly Venomz
Metal darts hit the body, then explode in 'em
I swing the gold chain, my whole name is slang
Crack the window pane, shots stain ya brain

(Chorus x4: GZA)
Enter the Chamber, watch for the danger
Don't trust a stranger, my weapons'll bang ya

(Prodigal Sunn)
Yo, yo...
In these black streets some pack heat, I stash Shieks
My heartbeat is like stone, steal and concrete
Mental athlete, I smack defeat, crack cheeks
Front and scream in peace, we leave ya whole click deceased
In break bread with Shinobi, Isreal the Golden Shield
Shaleek, Jah Shameek, I conversate with Iron Shiek
King Masada, they never ever win, the Godfather
Worldly author, visual rapper, the Pearl Harbor
Superficial lava, I burnt the City of Gomorrah
Through a life of horror, I spoke the tongue of a lawyer
My holy aura generates the blood of the Tora
And if you out of order you can't escape from my slaughter
I turn steam into water, ask ya crew about the shot-caller
Legendary, human brawler, brawler, brawler...

You know what I see? Potential...
Check, check, check, check it, check...
Check, check, check...

I see guerillas in the mist
With bathing apes, within an eclipse
Carriers of hip-hop tapes, ripping in a milk-crate
Athletic MC's, do tracks around the lap, still sting like the Bees
While the gates'll rip the tea-house up in the tree-house
You walk around the trap, bisect like a free mouse
My Wu-Tang logo on the back of a kimono
Beat played in the background, on the phono
My Kung Fu, be the tough Wu
Look for the dragons when they come through
On the manual, the title's in Boston calligraphy
I swing the sword, heads rolling respectively

(Outro: Prodigal Sunn during chorus)
Enter the Chamber, Enter the Chamber
Enter the Chamber, Chamber
Enter the Chamber
Enter the Chamber
Walk these dogs, moving with Alla

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