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This album was the Album of the Week from 21 April 2008 to 27 April 2008
Album by Nightwish.
Nightwish - Once (North America)

North American cover

  1. Dark Chest of Wonders
  2. Wish I Had an Angel
  3. Nemo
  4. Planet Hell
  5. Creek Mary’s Blood (featuring John Two-Hawks)
  6. The Siren
  7. Dead Gardens
  8. Romanticide
  9. Ghost Love Score
  10. Kuolema tekee taiteilijan
  11. Higher Than Hope
Bonus track on North American & Japanese editions
  1. White Night Fantasy
Extra bonus tracks on Japanese edition
  1. Live to Tell the Tale
  2. Where Were You Last Night
  3. Symphony of Destruction (Live)
Platinum Edition Bonus Disc (2004)
  1. White Night Fantasy
  2. Live to Tell the Tale

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