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Ultimatum: 'Cut It Off Then Kill It

This song is by Nightstick and appears on the album Ultimatum (1998).

CP: "Our strategy to go after this army is very, very simple. First, we're going to cut it off, then we're going to kill it."

NS: "We walked out of the meeting and I said to Secretary Cheney, I said, 'I'm prepared to start the flow now. Do you want me to do that?' and Cheney said, 'Yes', and so I turned to Chuck and I said 'Chuck send them on their way!'"

Stealth Bomber Pilot #1: "We had twelve 500 pound bombs, and we elected to drop them three at a time"

Stealth Bomber Pilot #2: "The bombs impact in a string right across the highway, the center bomb impacting on a uh, in between two trucks, as a matter of fact, causing both of the trucks to burst into flame."

Stealth Bomber Pilot #3: " And all you could see every time we shot was a massive explosion."

Narrator: "In the war room, there'd be no thought of cease fire. The President issues a final ultimatum."

B.S.: "How much is a life worth? How much are a hundred lives worth? A thousand? Ten thousand?"

D.Q.: "On this vote, the yeah's are 52, and the nays are 47."

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