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Where We Come From

This song is by Nightchains and appears on the album Metal To The Bone (2005).

Wait up dude don't turn your back
Just wait for me to pick up my guns
Spare the talk I'm just fifteen
I wanna blow some heads I wanna be mean

Turn off your lights and step on it
Some bastards are shooting on our tail
Damn I love the thrill makes me wanna kill
Times like these is just what I need
Got myself some gear enough to blast your ears
Bigger guns win, they always will
This is it hell unleashed
Not so bad, back to start

Its where we come from
16 years of war enough to say it all
Its where we come from

Back on the streets a deal is a deal
Suits me more than politics
Fight for the pictures or fight for your fame
Be the baddest, six six six
Alcohol and smoke whores and coke
Rejoice with the chorus, the bullets song
What the hell is wrong? Corruption support!
Time to burn it all down

Its where we come from
16 years of war and we're ready for more
Its where we come from

Hamra street going down
Bullets in the air glass on the ground
Watch the world passing by
Watch our world standing by
Heavy metal is the law.

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