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Can't Write A Love Song

This song is by Nightchains.

I can't write a love song
Can't show you peace
Bastard son, lived on the run
Turned his heart to stone
Now like a blazing gun a voew undone
Sparing no one in its way
No ground was left sacred
No bridges to beat the rain
For the seed is sown in this heart of stone
And I haven't got a home
Waited on doors a long time
Found nothing but scorn
His life was made a road to take
Through the cold and the rain
Stride and fight day and night
Make the world scared

When I'm gone don't hold me close
Don't pray for my soul
Don't close my eyes don't drop my guns
I'm the man of war

Where you there by my side
To celebrate the night
Where you there by my side
To back up the fight

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