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The Killing Factor

This song is by Nientara and appears on the EP The Summer's End (2001).

Was I asleep?
Had I slept through it all once again?
Is this all just a dream?
I am always just one step behind
But all I need is one more chance
Then I will be able to prove myself to this world
All I need is one more chance
I can't let this pure love die
Open your arms ill fall with you
Close my eyes and wish it all away
I beg of you do not push my aside
Because my love is just as strong as any others that have passed
And I cannot let it rest
Because when I sleep the pain shoots into my minds
And it's a lifelike feeling of desperation
That crushes my heart with a gripping passion
The drops of blood spray all over the mirror
While the glass shatters and falls to the ground
The drops of blood spray all over my face
My eyes are pierced by shards that blind
I'm blinded by visions of a life once lost
And I turn to watch the face of death
As he reach into my chest in search to steal my heart
My hearts already benn blackened by your flame
Your heart will burn too
This is the killing factor
For when I dreamt I dreamet of only you
Your selfish ways turned this love around
My stars aren't filled but it's more than

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