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Real Life Bleeding Horror

This song is by Nientara and appears on the EP Consequence (2003).

I could not repay you even with this one simple breath
Catch me by my spine and don't you ever let it go
For you are the building block of my life
Forget me not, forget me not
I used to pay so you'd always be there
And I used to pray to have you by my side
Those were the days I can remember happiness
Those were the days, those were the days
And when they day came that the earth finally shook I could feel it vibrate through every single bone
Sometimes the horro is so great that you can actually feel the cold fingers tighten around your throat, around your heart around your life
These moments are few and far between but when they arrive we are made to suffer
And when these moments come hold on to what ou have and never let it go because there's a thin line between sadness and selfishness
It's a thin line that tears me in two
I use my clenched filthy fists to block out the sun
So that my shadow wil not be reduced to nothign more than ashes
We are nothing more than shadows
Raise my fist and pull you down
Crushing all life from this immortal
Bleeding horror
And you, just to hear your voice again I'd give up my life
The tiger lillies fade to black and white
It'll be many days and countless sleepless nights but I'll see you again
But for now... go fly with the angels
Forget me not
Forget me not

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