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Portraits Of The Dead

This song is by Nientara and appears on the EP Consequence (2003).

A severed stick engullfed by the water
A helpless suicide
Now there is no more swaying with the wind
These draing days always seem to carry me to the ground
These desperate times always seem to drag my body through the clouds
I cry as I fall through the clouds
Unable to see what's in front of me
All I see is white
I'm helpless in the cold
I'm feeling faint
My body is grounded as my heart explodes
I'm counting on black doves to lifet away my spirit
Do they not hear my cry? My veins, they bleed dry
She's singing lullabyes putting no one to sleep
I wipe my face but my fists are soaked with blood
These stains, they pierce so deep
I'm sleeping in your dreams, awaken I will not
Have I killed my best friend
I hear you screaming murder
I'm screaming murder and you're screaming murder
We're all screaming murder
This pain running down my face
This blod running down my face
These tears running down my face
This pain running down my face
This heart of mine is not meciful
I brought the angel down and cut her wings
I left her for dead in this lifeless world
She bears no more cross
She cannot breath down here
She cannot sing down here
She looks at me with hope but all she sees is red
I see red
Red is all I see
Red is all I'll be
Counting on these black doves to hear my cry

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