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Rhumba Girl

This song is by Nicolette Larson and appears on the album Nicolette (1978).

Well I'm the same old girl that I used to be
I haven't changed at all
Got the same old walk, the same old talk
That would run you up the wall

I got the same old face and the same old smile and
The same old baby blues
And I'm still doing the rhumba, baby
I'm still the girl for you

I'm still doing the rhumba baby
I can't seem to quit
If my mama catches us doing the rhumba
My mama would just pitch a fit

But I can't help myself, it's much bigger than me
If I were you, I would hang onto a rhumba girl like me

Well there's lots of girls on the floor tonight
With a lot slicker steps than me
The boogaloo, the funky broadway
Are such a pretty sight to see

My step might be old fashioned
But that's just fine with me
'Cause I got a couple of rhumba steps
That I think you'd like to see

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