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Poetical Adventure

This song is by Nico Liebe and appears on the album Depsychling (2008).

Do you wanna play with me?
And find out who I am?
Well, of course you cannot see
Like none of your kind can

It's a myth to tell a lie
In which you all believe
'Cause deep inside you deny
And lost time becomes a thief
You won't ever get the point
But you can find a better place
From which you can surely join
The painful growing of your race

Lay back and watch the show
That's presented by your thoughts
Though no one else does know
Why we decided to get bored

Do you wanna play again?
And find out what I am?
Well, of course you cannot win
None of your weak kind can

Well, there is no name for us
We exist in somekind of behind
Just far away, ridin' on fuss
And speaking through your worried mind

Question what you need to know
Though we know what you need
Your world is funny, but your show
Needs a body that can bleed

These words are yours, there's no need
To invent another source
Your world is round and indeed
All these tricky traps are yours

Do you wanna play once more?
And find out what you are?
Well, of course you can't ignore
By scanning this versed scar

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