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I May Come Back, But I Won't Return Or Just The Other Way Round

This song is by Nico Liebe.

Comin' back, touchin some reality
Losin without knowin'
And the fact that I could see
Lights the unknown growin'

So bad luck, feelin' free from feelin' free
It doesn't really matter
And the fake that I could see
Makes it even sadder

Return, don't look back
Construction's fading out
Blood on the tracks
Creation sourced by doubts

Caught somewhere in between
Left on your own own
Inkling what was never seen
Like your roots were never shown
Like your thoughts we stay unknown

Return, don't look back
Construction's fading in
Blood on the tracks
Inspiration's getting thin

The clouds reflect what was never said
Cause for fitting words we would need
A different evolutionary shred
And maybe a completely different seed

Just thinking of another space
To build a new reflecting mind
Exploring in a very conscious race
To change the kind of world that we defined

To get a feeling of the endless gap
Between you and me, nature and all
The patchwork in our big grey trap
That fakes our thoughts and their recall

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