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Higher State

This song is by Nico Liebe and appears on the album Depsychling (2008).

Selfish drugs erase your thoughts
To show you what is in your mind
To leave you with a will unforced
As long as you are blind

The spinning globe keeps you alive
By twisting on your thinking thread
Your tenderness is getting rife
And your control is dead

And back again the feeling's lost
To be the one you thought you were
Somehow you find there is a cost
In which you just occur

You're chasing your failed consciousness
Being on its silent heels
An echo to some thoughts or less
Just guessing what you feel

Unable to find sense or cause
You are a watcher but apart
Not watching your very own thoughts
That divided from the start

Selfish drugs they dull your thoughts
Chaostrophy in your dull brain
A random pattern sounds like cause
Endin' up in hidden vain

The woods are darkness - I should leave
But lately I did find out that
I think my life was like an empty sleeve
And now it is an empty hat

The higher state was poorly found
I grabbed for a frozen dash
Darkness shivered in its own sound
My brain yearned the woods to trash

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