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Answers From A Dead End Street

This song is by Nico Liebe and appears on the album Depsychling (2008).

Consider me confused
Though I never saw the chaos
It's a matter of getting used
To the end of the way lost

How to realize does hurt
Rest in peace "the search is over"
It's no time for you hopeful words
May you sound well in some nowhere

My head was not meant to think
If you still believe in physics
The more we know the more we shrink
Feedin up the critics

Once they'll ask what it was like
To live with such a viewing
Ignoring the much wiser side
Of what we are and what we're doin'

Let's explore the world behind
We can't even guess what's missin'
There's a whisper in our minds
To use its chance we have to listen

Our lives got conquered by
A conscious need of exploring
Lost in the echo of our try
To discover the ignoring

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