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Album of the Week

  1. Prelude
  2. Lawns of Dawns
  3. No One Is There
  4. Ari's Song
  5. Facing the Wind
  6. Julius Caesar (Memento Hodie)
  7. Frozen Warnings
  8. Evening of Light

CD Bonus tracks:

  1. Roses in the Snow
  2. Nibelungen


  • In her second album, Nico's ventured into new, uncharted territory. Even today it is hard to find other artists produce a similar style; In 1969 it was nothing less than revolutionary. The general atmosphere of this album has been described as cold, abstract and quite often even as nightmarish.
    Although Nico is known to a wider public mostly through her cooperation with The Velvet Underground, this album can probably be seen as her most important contribution to modern popular music.

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