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Just Breath

This song is by Nicky.

She wants to fly
To touch the lights
Feel the stars breathing
Down her back
Calling out to those below
Lost inside her magical world

She'll orbit around the fireflys
Later come back into reality's
And they lie so good.
Too good to be true.

One of these days she'll ruin you.
And glitter up her vains.
Bloody up your eyes with
Her good reason and truth
In lies.

Keep in mind.
She'll fly with the sun.
Paint you a canvas...
That'll make you run.
And cause you tears.
Bring back fears.

'Cause she owes you nothing.
She's just a star in a world.
One with hate.
One with love.
You ugly fashion makes her a dove.

Because she'll dazzle these
Lights dead.
Make you go home... and lay down
Your head.
And she doesn't care.

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