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Playtime Is Over

This song is by Nicki Minaj.

Just when they thought it was safe to play, I
Hit'em with the N-I-C the K, I
I'm Tinkerbell he's Peter Pay, I
Tell these rap bitches I'm Mother May, I
I wanna know why you waste your Time
On these rap hoes that don't write they rhymes
Gimme can a Sprite with a twist of lime
Money, money, money always on my mind
Coupe color purple no I'm not Celie
We run New York like we play relay
My fight took off yours has been delayed
Tell it to them early bitches so don't be late
Play time is over when I sit bars my mixtape bring
All the boys to the yard
All the boys want Nicki
All the boys want mine
All the boys say they love me yeah they love me long
Yes I'm the girl that you heard of
I commit murder
I body bitches I don't need a burner
Queens oh yes I rep Queens little white T plus sum tight jeans
I make it heard for these chicks to breathe
Wrist on freeze, I freeze up my sleeves
We gettin' money like it grow on trees
Stay on my a Qs I stay on mt Ps
After I'm done the you will acknowledge I'm the president never went to college
I'm a bad bitch I don't need no stylist
Tell a bitch hollers and she get my dollas
I'm the "1" I'm the "1" you heard me same number they stitched on McGrady jersey
If I show you how to do it, will you reimburse me?
Let me put on my pumps, let me grab my skirtsy
I am such a little lady, let me do my curtsy
Fuck a dry pussy bitch, 'cause I know she thirsty

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