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Higher Than A Kite

This song is by Nicki Minaj and appears on the album Sucka Free (2008).

(Feat. Lil' Wayne)

Lil Wayne:
Hello world
Young MuLLAAa baby!

Nicki Minaj:
Murder dem Murder Dem Just 1 word Body A 3rd Of them'
Kick Kick Game Can't injure Nicki, That's Why they nick nick named me Ninja Nicki,
I'm Such A Yes, and you're a No No,
Live with a dragon, and where a Kimono,
I'm from the Philliphines, badder than billy jean, is that why I get more head than the gulliten,
Lookin' Dumb Struck, cause you bumbs suck,
Where da arm, where the fuck is my nun-Chucks,
I'm in Tokyo with the CokekeyO, somebody sleepin' in my bed like Nokio,
I'm gettin' illa then, poppin' a pill again,
I'm on the Island, and I'm lookin' for Gillgan,
And where my timberland, O God I'm trembling,
Can't find my keys, but I know I hear'em jingaling,
Your such a Marilyn, Monroe, Manson,
I Got some heroin, wanna go dancing?,
You at the door? ok
I'm bout to come now
GEttin' Numb Now
Don't let me come down
Sniffin on sum Good nO
It's Like I'm sniffin on a temple
And I can't come down now 'cause I'm a higher then higher then higher then a kite

Lil Wayne:
YEA I do wat I does
I come through this bitch wrist blue in 'cause I'm so 5 star suwop to the bloods
And b4 I had a mirrow I knew who I waz
I know where I'm goin' I knew where I waz
DAttt DAtt diiirty diirttty south see my shoes from the mud
Who can you trust? Who can you Love? when love kills like they gave cupid a gun
It go (BLAOW) LIke you shooting 4 fun and sometimes the solution is Execution for some,
Besides you don't want that Intrusion at 1 am in the conclusion is that you losing the sun
Don't inducein my funds, I smoke the Fruitiest I mean the stupidiest buzz blunts I get stupid as duh
I swear my dubbieZ Is uh fat and just like it you can't get lit
Shit don't stink when you shitting in a bank
LET a man run an Errand I'm a hit him like aye
Look in his eye and a nigga might blink
Aim at his head and I nigga might think (listen)

Sniffin on sum Good no
It's Like I'm sniffinon a temple
And I can't come down now 'cause I'm a higher then higher then higher then a kite

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