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Get Silly

This song is by Nicki Minaj and appears on the mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty (2009).

Holiday Season, Aye!

(Holiday Season ... Trapaholics)

Na I'ma dime, You a nickelette
Lightskinneded pigament
Write my own shit y'all copyrighting infringement
I eat these rap bitches somebody give me a dentiment
Pussy make 'em tattoo my name upon his ligaments

Fuck wrong with them my nerves they keep tweaking
Tell 'em I'm the chief I'm runnin' with Mohegans
Tell 'em this is church and tell 'em I am the deacon
Tell 'em that I'm black, Chinese, and butter pecan

Pull up in the Range I'm givin' 'em mo' reasons (mo reasons)
Hit up Lil Wayne boo I'm in the four seasons (four seasons)
Tell Gudda, Mack, and Kid Kid I'm here
I'm colder than a cough I'm wetter than swimwear

Got all these lil bitches g-gettin' the pink heer (hair)
I'm pretty and I'm fly I'm up in a pink lear
I needed an assistant I got me a pink queer
Decorated his office with flowers and pink cheers (chairs)
Cheers, Cheers!

Nicki Minaj, Nicki Lewinsky the Mistress
Where the fuck is the President?! Haha Young Money!

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