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North of a Miracle (1983)

Nick Heyward - North Of A Miracle

North of a Miracle

  1. When It Started to Begin
  2. Blue Hat for a Blue Day
  3. Take That Situation
  4. Two Make It True
  5. On a Sunday
  6. Whistle Down the Wind
  7. Atlantic Monday
  8. Club Boy at Sea
  9. The Kick of Love
  10. The Day It Rained Forever
Bonus tracks on 2001 reissue
  1. Whistle Down the Wind (12" version)
  2. Take That Situation (rhythm mix)
  3. Cafe Canada
  4. Love at the Door
  5. Don't Get Me Wrong
  6. Stolen Tears
  7. Laura

I Love You Avenue (1988)

Nick Heyward - I Love You Avenue

I Love You Avenue

  1. You're My World
  2. If That's the Way You Feel
  3. Traffic in Fleet Street
  4. Lie with You
  5. My Kind of Wonderful
  6. I Love You Avenue
  7. Hold On (Money Don't Buy Love)
  8. Tell Me Why
  9. Pizza Tears
  10. This Is Love
  11. Change of Heart
  12. August in the Morning

From Monday to Sunday (1993)

Nick Heyward - From Monday To Sunday

From Monday to Sunday

  1. He Doesn't Love You Like I Do
  2. Kite
  3. Into Your Life
  4. Caravan
  5. Ordinary People
  6. How Do You Live Without Sunshine
  7. January Man
  8. Mr. Plain
  9. These Words
  10. All I Want You to Know
  11. Diary
  12. Everytime

Other Songs

  1. Blue Hat For A Blue Day
  2. Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)
  3. Love Plus One

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