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Wasted Man

This song is by Nick Bognar and appears on the album I'm In Love And I Hate It (2008).

I've got a number inside my planner
And there's a girl's name and she used to beat my heart like a hammer.
She was my girlfriend, she was a godsend
Until I made it end. I couldn't quite handle getting drunk with her work friends.
I know that something is wrong. But I don't understand. I hardly every drink.
Somehow, I'm always wasted, man.
I'm wasting everyone's time now that I've wasted all mine
I'm casting everyone's thoughts into a black hole.
The farmer sets his crops aflame and wins a race against the lame
I'm casting everyone's thoughts into a black hole.
I had a job there, constructing wheelchairs.
I was the spokesman and I mobilized cripples everywhere.
My fate was realized (if you can sympathize)
They invented an electric one, now the legless force is motorized.
And now I'm eating the dust. The backs on which I used to stand.
I'm working all the time. My time is always wasted, man!
I had a clear shot, then I decided not.
I found it easier to fade away in a midnight time slot.
If you don't feel me, no need to worry. I don't need freedom half as much as anonymity.
I'm casting everyone's thoughts into a deep black hole...

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